About Us

Welcome to SUNGO

Welcome to SUNGO and our website which will show you what SUNGO is about. We are guided by our vision to have a competent and confident civil society sector in Samoa that promotes a sustainable quality of life for our communities in Samoa.

Our key activities are focussed around capacity building and training for our members, providing them with key information, and advocating on behalf of our members based on researching issues which concern civil society.

SUNGO is governed by an Executive Council appointed each year by the Annual General Meeting of its over 200 member organisations. One of the key roles of our Council is to ensure that the goals and objectives of SUNGO as set out in its Strategic Plan are achieved through the efforts of the Council and the staff of SUNGO.

Our staff are the key to our success and we have a skilled team committed to meeting the needs of our members. We all want to see SUNGO as a successful umbrella organisation for civil society activities in Samoa

 Fuimaono Vaitolo Ofoia
Chief Executive Officer

The SUNGO Office at Vaitele

The SUNGO CEO and staff are also supported by SUNGO Technical Advisors Mary and John Cretney, and Talweez Kaur Senghera